Fusion Daily Fees

Fitness Center (Equipment)

13-17 yrs.*

Burbank Resident: $5

Non-Resident: $10

18 yrs. & up

Burbank Resident: $8

Non-Resident: $15

62 yrs. +

Burbank Resident: $4

Non-Resident: $8

Walking Track

Burbank Resident: $3

Non-Resident: $6

Open Gym

17 & under: Burbank Resident $5; Non-Resident $7

18+: Burbank Resident $7; Non Resident $13

62+: Burbank Resident $5; Non-Resident $9


*All persons wishing to work out in our facility have to be 13 and older. 13-15 year olds cannot work out without an adult present if the 13-15 year old DID NOT take the youth orientation class. The youth orientation class is $35 for 3 one hour sessions with personal trainers teaching the youth proper weight room etiquette, what the appropriate work outs for them and more! After completing this youth orientation and passing an exam given by the personal trainer, the 13-15 year old can workout without an adult present. 16-17 year olds will have to have a parent sign a waiver upon their first visit seeing as they are still minors but the adult does not have to be present with the 16-17 year old while they work out nor do they need to complete the youth orientation class.

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