Therapeutic Massage

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Deep Tissue –

A more intense massage, deep tissue relaxes chronic areas of tension in the body through slow strokes and direct pressure. Deep tissue massage is excellent for relieving tension, tightness, and muscle pain.  Medium to deep pressure.

Prenatal –

Designed to ease some of the stress put on the body due to pregnancy, this gentle massage provides relaxation  and helps reduce swelling. Prenatal massage can be safely performed throughout most trimesters with  a doctor’s note. Not performed during first trimester.

Sports –

Similar to deep tissue but with added stretching, sports massage focuses on the muscles utilized in your specific sport. Can be customized for pre-event, post-event or maintenance training to improve performance, prevent injury and reduce recover time. Medium to deep pressure. 

Swedish –

 This classic form of fully body massage relaxes the body and mind, improves muscle tone and stimulates circulation. 

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