Therapeutic Massage

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Chinese Facial Massage
Chinese facial massage uses pressure points to improve the flow and circulation of energy and blood throughout the entire body. Energy blockages are released, allowing the flow of energy to improve how you look and feel. The effects are improved facial tone, increased circulation, and tightening of skin.

Deep Tissue Massage
A more intense massage. Deep tissue relaxes chronic areas of tension in the body through slow strokes and direct pressure. Deep tissue massage is excellent for relieving tension, tightness, and muscle pain. Medium to deep pressure.

Honey Pat Massage
Honey pat massage is the process of applying honey to the skin in a rolling technique. The result is reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles as well as reduced muscle tension. *The Honey Pat Massage is an add-on to any massage.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage, in combination with a complete bodywork session, promotes deeper muscle relaxation. The use of smooth, water-heated stones on key points if the body allows the therapist to access deeper muscle layers. Hot stone massage decreases pain, reduces tension, and increase flexibility in joints.

Indian Head Massage
Indian head massage is based on the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda. The massage focuses on the body parts most prone to tension and stress: Upper back, neck, face, and scalp. Indian head massage encourages relaxation, improved concentration, increased circulation, and reduced stress. This technique is deliver with the client fully clothed using a chair or as part of a complete bodywork session and with or without organic Ayurvedic herbal scalp oils.

Sampler Massage Therapy
Come and try four different 60-minute massages. The Sampler offers one Swedish massage, one Deep Tissue massage, one Hot Stone massage, and one Chinese Facial with Honey Pat massage. The package should be used with 5 weeks of the initial massage session purchase. See the Massage Therapist for details.

Sports Massage
Similar to deep tissue but with added stretching. Sports massage focuses on the muscles utilized in your specific sport. It can be customized or pre-event, post-event, or maintenance training to improve performance, prevent injury, and reduce recovery time. Medium to deep pressure.

Swedish Massage
This classic form of full body massage relaxes the body and mind, improves muscle tone, and stimulates circulation.

There will be a no show/cancellation fee assessed by the Massage Therapist if no notice is given for a no show or late cancellation. See the Massage Therapist for more details.

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