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Download & Print: Winter 2017 Adult Volleyball League


Co-Ed Adult Volleyball League (Recreational OR Competitive)

RECREATIONAL: Sunday 1/22/17-4/2/17 @ 4:00pm-8:00pm

(One-hour game per team per week)

COMPETITIVE: Sunday 1/22/17-4/2/17 @ 4:00pm-8:00pm

(One-hour game per team per week)

 (Ages 18+)

This is a 10-week league with the 10th week being the playoff week. Each team can have a maximum of twelve players where each team must have at least two members of the opposite gender and two team captains. Each week teams will play a minimum of one game within the designated time frame—schedules will be distributed at the captain’s meeting.

Recreational is for players who are relatively new to the game of officiated volleyball or in the process of learning the basic skills of accurate serving, passing, making 3 contacts, creating a consistent strategy and team environment. Teams registering for Recreational volleyball are looking to have fun with mild competition.

Competitive players have mastered the skills of serving, passing and consistent three contacts per side with a team strategy of defense and offense that will make them successful. Teams registering for Competitive volleyball are looking to play against teams with high levels of competition.

Individuals must indicate which level of play they are registering for: recreational or competitive. ALL individuals must be present at the captain’s meeting in correspondence with the chosen level of play. Individual Player teams will be formed by League Coordinator. Individual players will be placed with other individuals to form teams of a minimum of 10.

Registration ends on January 14th @ 7:00 PM.

Captain’s Meeting: January 15th @ 4:00 PM

Note: Please have your team name ready, you will need to provide it at the captain’s meeting

Location: Fusion Recplex

Instructor: Nikki and Sarah

Rates Code
Team Rate $350/team Rec. 121205-01 Comp. 121205-02
Individual Rate $35/person Rec. 121205-03 Comp. 121207-04


Any questions can be directed to: or 708-599-3873

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