Gymnastics Programs

Location: Fusion Recplex

Mighty Movers – (Ages 3-4 yrs.)

These Mighty Movers will use skill building activities (Weeks) Participants will gain basic knowledge of the sport,

increase balance, flexibility, learn rolls and cartwheels.

Skill Goals: to develop rolls, cartwheels and for using the vault. An


Lets Dance…. Rhythmic Gymnastics! – (Ages 4-6., 7-9 yrs.)

Gymnastics and dance are put together in the sun class! Participants will develop balance, coordination, flexibility and tumbling skills all while using  hoops, balls, ropes, and ribbons. No experience in necessary to enroll in this class.

Skill Goals: Flexibility, dance steps, tumbling,coordination


Beginner Gymnastics – (Ages 5-6 yrs., 7-9 yrs ., 10-13 yrs.)

This class is for children with little or no experience. Participants will gain basic knowledge of the sport, increase balance , flexibility, learn rolls and cartwheels.

Skill Goals: Balance, flexibility, rolls and cartwheels


Intermediate Idols – (Ages 5-6 yrs., 7-9 yrs ., 10-13 yrs.)

This class is designed for children with previous gymnastic experience. They must show they can execute both a cartwheel and a handstand with good
technique. These Gymnasts will work on round-offs walkovers, and one-handed cartwheels.

Skill Goals: Round-offs, walkovers, and one handed cartwheels.


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    • Developmental Gymnastics is the most comparable class to beginner’s, and is held, Tuesday and Saturday. Other classes, such as tiny tots, are available based on the child’s age. Fall classes will be listed in the new brochure, out next week, and registration begins September 5th.

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