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Experience the Wonders of our Hydro Massage!

94% of people who try a massage loves the experience.

But only 1 in 6 people actually receive massage therapy each year.

Hydro Massage is a comfortable, convenient, and affordable form of heated massage. In as little as 30 minutes, Hydro Massage provides a calming, rejuvenating massage. Whether you are seeking to alleviate sore muscles from exercise or simply a way to relax, Hydro Massage provides a complete soothing experience.

Call us at 708-599-3873 or stop by our front desk to schedule your massage today! 

Walk-ins are welcome.

Hydro Massage Prices

Fusion Members: $8 for 30 minute massage.

Non-members: $10 for 30 minute massage.

Unlimited Monthly Package (Members & Non-Members): $30/month

Unlimited Annual Package (Members & Non-Members): $300/year

Why Hydro Massage?

Hydro Massage is the “Best Daily Massage? because…

  1. It’s Affordable! Compared to hands-on massages, Hydro Massage is a very budget friendly option.
  2. It’s Comfortable! You don’t have to get undressed for a Hydro Massage. You can enjoy your massage fully clothed.
  3. It’s Quick! There’s no need to rush errands or take time off to get a Hydro Massage. Enjoy your massage in just 30 minutes. Get one before your or after your workout or during your lunch break… Anytime!
  4. It’s Entertaining! With Hydro Massage’s touchscreen, you can watch movies, play card games, or listen to music during your massage.