Burbank Park District

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Burbank Park District


Our gymnastics program is designed to encourage development as an athlete and person. Please register ahead of time to avoid class cancellations.

Class Policies & Gymnastics Attire

  • Girls: Leotards, biker shorts, and unitards. NO jewelry, jeans, straps, zippers, belts, socks or tights, or leotards with a shirt covering (this is a safety issue). Hair must be tied up and off face. 
  • Boys: Stretch shorts and T-shirt. NO street clothes.
  • Bathroom Breaks: Parents are responsible for taking their child to the bathroom before class. Coaches cannot leave class to take children to the bathroom.
  • Make-up Policy: All classes that are cancelled by Burbank Park District will be made up at the park’s discretion. There are no individual make-up classes offered.