Swim Lessons

Parent Orientation

On the first day of each session, a brief orientation will be held for parents with children in our swim lesson program. We will explain lesson plans, classes, rain dates, parent mobile apps, graduations, and the parent contract. During the first lesson, children are tested and placed in a level according to their ability. The lesson coordinator will be available that day and throughout the session for questions or concerns. Park District refund policy will also be discussed on the first day of lessons during parent orientation.

Infant Lessons

Age: 6mo-2yrs

These lessons acquaint infants with the water through a number of games and activities that will remove some fears. This program will get infants used to opening their eyes and putting their heads under water. All children must wear a swim diaper and a swim suit. The adult must be at least 16 years if age and are required to assist the child in the water.

Location: Burbank Water Park | Instructor: BWP Swim Instructors
Class Length: 30 minutes

   Code                 Day              Date                    Time                          Resident          Non-Resident  
211502-01         M/W         6/19-6/28     11:00AM – 11:30AM           $40                         $55
211502-02         M/W         7/10-7/19     11:00AM – 11:30AM           $40                         $55

Parent+ Swim Lessons

Age: 2-4yrs

Parent+ swim lessons help children develop basic skills that will be built upon in higher level classes. This is a great class to introduce children to water and calm any separation anxiety or fear of water. Adults (with the help of the instructor) will teach the child basic skills such as submerging their face and kicking. The adult must be at least 16 years of age and children who are not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper under their bathing suit.

Location: Burbank Water Park | Instructor: BWP Swim Instructors
Class Length: 30 minutes

   Code                 Day              Date                    Time                          Resident          Non-Resident  
211506-01         T/TH         6/20-6/29     11:00AM – 11:30AM           $40                         $55
211506-02         T/TH         7/11-7/20     11:00AM – 11:30AM           $40                         $55  

Learn to Swim

Age: 3-15yrs

The Burbank Park District swim program presents an extensive selection of courses. This program provides opportunities for achievement and allows smooth transitions between levels of instruction. A wide variety of activities are offered at every level. These activities stimulate interest and motivate students to advance to the next level of swim instruction.

Please register for all swim lessons desired to guarantee your child’s placement in the lesson. Registration for one session will not guarantee placement in succeeding sessions. Any swim lesson, must apply for a refund BEFORE start of the third class, or no refund will be issued.

Location: Burbank Water Park | Instructor: BWP Swim Instructors
Class Length: 35 minutes

   Code                 Day              Date                    Time                          Resident          Non-Resident  
211501-01         M-TH         6/5-6/15     9:00AM – 9:35AM               $65                         $95
211501-02         M-TH         6/5-6/15     9:50AM – 10:25AM             $65                         $95 
211501-03         M-TH         6/5-6/15     10:40AM – 11:15AM           $65                         $95 

   Code                 Day              Date                    Time                          Resident          Non-Resident  
211501-04         M-TH         6/19-6/29     9:00AM – 9:35AM               $65                         $95
211501-05         M-TH         6/19-6/29     9:50AM – 10:25AM             $65                         $95 
211501-06         M-TH         6/19-6/29     10:40AM – 11:15AM           $65                         $95 

   Code                 Day              Date                    Time                          Resident          Non-Resident  
211501-07         M-TH         7/10-7/20     9:00AM – 9:35AM               $65                         $95
211501-08         M-TH         7/10-7/20     9:50AM – 10:25AM             $65                         $95 
211501-09         M-TH         7/10-7/20     10:40AM – 11:15AM           $65                         $95 

   Code                 Day              Date                    Time                          Resident          Non-Resident  
211501-010         M-TH         7/24-8/3     9:00AM – 9:35AM               $65                         $95
211501-011         M-TH         7/24-8/3     9:50AM – 10:25AM             $65                         $95 
211501-012         M-TH         7/24-8/3    10:40AM – 11:15AM           $65                         $95 

Private Swim Lessons

Age: All | Boys & Girls; Men & Women

Looking to boost your swimming or diving skills at a quicker pace? Then private lessons are for you. Private lessons offer one-on-one instruction for ages 3 & up and for all abilities. These lessons are 30 minutes long based on the availability of our instructors. Lessons cannot be scheduled during normal pool hours. Hurry in! There are limited lessons available. Additional times available by appointment.

Private swim lessons must be scheduled with out swim coordinator during the following hours:
8:00AM-9:00AM (Monday-Thursday)
11:30M-12:00PM (Monday- Thursday)
8:00AM-12:00PM (Friday)
8:00AM-11:00AM (Saturday)
7:00PM-9:00PM (On nights with H20 Aerobics)

Location: Burbank Water Park | Instructor: BWP Swim Instructors
Class Length: 30 minutes

   Code                   Date              Bundles         Fee  
211504-01         6/12-8/4           3-Pack         $55
211504-02         6/12-8/4           5-Pack         $75

Swim Less A'La Carte


Want your camper(s) to take swim lessons during the summer? Sign them up for Learn to Swim and Summer Camp and we’ll get them to their swim lessons and back to camp for $12 per swim session!

Lesson Cancellations

Staff will try to run classes whenever possible. Classes may be cancelled for inclement weather or pool mechanical problems. Always assume swim lessons will be held unless it is announced on the RainOut Line. You can also call 708-290-0094 or download the free RainOut line app on your smartphone. Class cancellations will be made at least 30 minutes prior to a lesson. We may only cancel certain lesson times and not others. Lessons will be canceled and make up dates will be scheduled Friday mornings. No more than two make up days will be schedule per session, subject to weather. More information will be provided at the parent orientation meeting on the first day of class.